The Jews have attacked us Gentiles for centuries. Especially our Pagan Gods. The Catholic Church, Christianity, Communism and much more are different faces of the Jewish empire.

In addition to all of this, the Jews have been at liberty to again, DICTATE and TELL us all what Satanism is supposed to be about, so-called "evil" and related. Jews always assume positions of authority where they order Gentiles about.

The denigration of our Gods to the 'qlippoth', this sick filth, was invented by Rabbi Isaac Luria during the 16th century, following the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. This expulsion was a major blow to the Jewish community. So major that Luria wrote of the 'qlippoth', looking to answers for the Jewish question, "If God is good, why is there evil?"

My point in writing this is many Satanists have been misled through this Jewish invented filth and extreme blasphemy against our Gods. Many who explore this trash through meditation and such have horrific experiences.

This Jewish invented filth has nothing to do with any of our Gods.

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