Astarte’s Power Ritual
  1. This Ritual is based on vibrating the Runes and making certain affirmations. Raising your energies before the Ritual is advised.
  2. The Sigil that is provided is the point of focus where this Ritual is upon. It is this Sigil here.
  3. The Runes that are done here, can be vibrated around the centre of the Sigil where the Shenu Protection Ring is. You can imagine this lighting up so much, like the Sun has a layer of light surrounding all of it.
  4. Vibrate these Runes in a short version [ie, do not draw the runic vibration on a very big breath, especially for those who are new and can't do that many vibrations].
  5. When you affirm that the curses etc are going back to their senders, it can help to imagine this.

Start by Vibrating the letters of the Runes and then affirming once the following:

Fehu x10

Lagur x10

Berkano x10

Then affirm:

Queen Astarte, Sanctified And Blessed is Your Name
The world and it’s spheres open up to your will
You are the moving power,
The union, the separation, the All in All.

I call you by your Name:

Ansuz x10

Sowilo x10

Algiz x10

Tonight we lift all curses and attacks against your Name,
We remove all sins that have falsely been sent to you,
Your Name is detached from all corrupted Notions, lies and slander,
Now and Permanently.

[Focus on the Sigil willing this so]

Odthal x10

Mannaz x10

Eihwaz x10

In Sumeria, you were known by all,
You were known to Egypt as Isis, all Powerful, Queen of Magic,
In Babylon, you were loved as Inanna,
In Hellas, you were the Holy Mother Demeter.

Your Name is blessed again in the four directions,
True is your Name and all your Names,
True is your Power and connected to the Earth,
You stand blessed again in all the Four Directions.

Kenaz x10

Sowilo x10

Wunjo x10

You are fierce and powerful,
Tender and kind,
Your Power is felt from Orion inside Earth,
Your people rejoice in your power.
Blessed be your Name eternal Queen and Mother.

Tiwaz x10

Sowilo x10

Thurisaz x10

All sins and hostile energy sent against you Astarte, is now sent to your enemies and those who attacked you.

All hatred sent against your Name, is backfired onto the Jews and those who alongside them have slandered your Holy Name. 

[Focus on the Sigil willing this so]

Algiz x10

Sowilo x10

Berkano x10

Astarte you stand all powerful like Lord Satan,
like the eye of the galaxy, No evil can touch you.

Infinitely powerful is the Shenu around you,
bright like the Power of a thousand burning Suns.

[Focus on the Sigil willing this so], THEN

--SAY: ASTARTE you are: then the following words while focusing on the Sigil, on the sequence given. Each word said must be focused intently, then you imagine light filling the whole sigil.

  1. The Queen
  2. The Birth Of All
  3. The Mother
  4. Harmony
  5. Beautiful
  6. The Serpentine Power
  7. The Power of Starry Heavens
  8. The Heavenly
  9. The Most Powerful
  10. The Queen of Time

Repeat the above sequence 3 times, then affirm once:


You stand invincible against all lies.


Then close the ritual with a HAIL SATAN
and say:

Satan’s Power And Astarte’s Power Is Supreme and Felt by All.

Ritual Notes:
सत् = SAT, real, true, truthful in Sanskrit

The Symbol that encapsulates the Sigil: The Shen Ring, Egyptian Hieroglyphic language. The Shen also survived in Chinese tradition as a glyph for Spiritual Force, Divine Force, and God.

The letters of the sigil inside: The Ancient Greek letters for Astarte's Name in arrangement.

Sigil For Focus: