The Holy Bible: A Book of Jewish Witchcraft Part 2

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, please read 'The 'Holy' Bible: A Book of Jewish Witchcraft Part 1' before reading this article.

To really expose the truth in regards to the Bible, one must be very knowledgeable concerning the occult. In other words, one must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of astrology, numerology [there are very few accurate and revealing books on this subject that are readily available], the Tarot, alchemy and so forth. This is why there are dire threats and warnings throughout the bible that work to frighten followers away from this knowledge. I also want to add here that there have been curses placed to prevent average people who do not have enough knowledge, from advancing in occult disciplines. These are NOT 'acts of 'God'' but are curses perpetrated by the Jews and a few rotten Gentiles who work for them, such as the Catholic Jesuit order [also largely comprised of Jews], who are adepts in black magick.

The Bible as revealed in part 1 of this article is a powerful subliminal. This is not just a theory, but can be proven with enough knowledge. The fictitious Jewish characters that were invented and corrupted from Pagan spiritual CONCEPTS that preceded Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years, act as a subliminal tie-in.

For example, the number 7, which has to do with the main chakras [energy producers] of the human soul, is found in the Bible 735 times. Again, the Jewish preoccupation with the number 6. In numerology, 7+3+5= 15; 1+5=6.

What this does is it is a subliminal tie into the chakras. This sets the working so that they can steal the energy of worshippers. This is why this number is repeated so frequently in the Bible. The fictitious Jewish character of 'Solomon' also has 7 letters. Solomon had unimaginable vast wealth. The "Temple of Solomon" symbolizes the Jewish people (Israel) as a whole. For more on this, please visit: The Temple of Solomon

In addition to this, the 'Jehovah' was stolen from 'Jove' another name for Jupiter. Jupiter in astrology is the benevolent planet that brings good fortune and abundance. It is often connected with millionaires. This sets another very powerful subliminal tie-in for the Jews to reap the energy of Gentiles, channeling it into creating material abundance for them. The number of Jews who have incredible wealth is disproportionately high.

The number 8 has to do with abundance. YHVH in Hebraic numerology equals 26; 2+6=8. Combined with the number 7, as mentioned above, this equals 15; 1+5=6. The number 6 is used by the Jews anytime they want to influence something, like the phony 'Holocaust' of the 'six-million.' If one is alert and pays attention, one will notice the Jewish controlled media using the number 6 quite often, especially in relation to world events. The number 6 also has to do with Gentile slave labor.

In addition to all of this, the Jews assume the position of 'God' and have dictated and ordered Gentiles about for centuries. Jews have always placed themselves in charge over Gentiles, Gentile rulers and prominent Gentile people. One of the most noted subliminals for Jews taking control of a prominent Gentile is the Book of Esther. Jews are known to marry into prominent Gentile families, especially Gentile people who have a lot of influence and from there they work to take control of that influence.

'Jesus Christ' is another fictitious Jewish invented character invented and corrupted from a powerful spiritual concept. This is the ultra-important and powerful kundalini serpent. When activated and raised, it can bestow one with the power to create miracles. One must be knowledgeable regarding spiritual alchemy to know this. His supposed life of 33 years, for one example, corresponds to the 33 esoteric vertebrate of the human spine that the kundalini serpent must pass through upon its ascension into 'heaven' which is the crown chakra of the human soul. For more in-depth information regarding this, please visit: The Truth About "Jesus Christ"

In addition to all of this, life as we know it is made up of numbers. Numbers are the foundation of existence. The current system of time is based upon the number 6, the number used by the Jews in their workings. The minute has 60 seconds, the hour has 60 minutes, and the day has 24 hours, 2+4=6. All of this is a powerful subliminal to channel energies. The Bible is made up of 66 books.

To know this, one must be knowledgeable regarding 'witchcraft.' Witchcraft uses the energies of the planets, the phases of the Moon, etc, to tie into energies that are favorable and in harmony with the working, thus giving it more power. This was of the ancients and very prevalent in Pagan religions, usually for positive purposes and with black magick used for purposes of justice.

The Jews took this knowledge, and forcibly removed it from the Gentile populace, replacing it with the false programs of Christianity and Islam, where there is nothing left that is spiritual. During the Middle Ages, after Pagan libraries were burnt and destroyed, it was the Jews who 'translated' the remaining spiritual texts into the languages of Europe. Through this, ancient spiritual knowledge and concepts were replaced with corruption and lies.

Any time the Jews want to start a war, as they are doing right now, as they have been exposed through the internet, they use the powers of the Bible, the numbers of the verses and the words involved in those scriptures. A major example, as I mentioned in Part 1 of this article was the 9-11 attacks. Another tragic example is the bombing of Dresden. This was carried out on the Christian holiday of 'Ash Wednesday' using the channeled energies of believers, and reduced Dresden to ashes. I also want to add here concerning the falsehood behind this Christian holiday, the ashes are placed over the third eye of the soul [which is in the middle of the forehead] and in truth are symbolic of blotting out intuition and psychic sight.

Christianity and Islam are nothing more than programs to remove all spirituality from the populace. Activated spirituality creates awareness. Few people are spiritually open enough to see the souls of others. This power comes from the third eye. The Jew has an alien soul. When the Gentile populace cannot see this, they are unknowing victims. The Jews have dominated us for centuries.

In the ancient painting to the left, 'Witchcraft by DOSSI, Dosso 1535,' It is glaringly obvious these are blatant Jews. In addition, the classic Halloween Witch has the Jewish physical features. Jews have used occult power for centuries, abusing black magick to no end. This is why so many Gentile Leaders have been assassinated, [especially those who were on to the crimes of the Jews] such as George Lincoln Rockwell. At the top, they know they have this knowledge and power, which was forcibly removed from the Gentile populace by enforcing Christianity and Islam, along with mass-murdering our Gentile priests
and others who had spiritual knowledge, such as the Druids. The Inquisition, which was perpetrated by Jews, such as Tom's de Torquemada, Heinrich Kramer, and Jacob Sprenger who authored 'The Malleus Maleficarum' was also an act of genocide, particularly against Germany. Many towns and villages in Germany were completely wiped out through Jewish incited mass-murder. This is no different from Jewish communism. For more in-depth information about the Inquisition along with references, please visit: The Inquisition

The Gentile populace who lacks this knowledge is easy victim to those who have it. For example, Jews who are knowledgeable and practice Talmudic magic will curse Gentile competitors out of business and they curse Gentiles in general. Also, given the Jews control 96% of the world's media, the readily available information regarding spiritual power has been corrupted and the 'New Age' movement has taken over with Christianized witchcraft. The real powerful knowledge rarely makes it into readily available books out there. For example, 'Wicca' is nothing more than junk. The elaboration on the 'three-fold' and the extreme perversion of 'natural law' work to create fearful weaklings. True 'natural law' is if someone or something, or a race, species, etc, does not act to defend itself, it will become extinct. If every cell in your body followed the teachings of the Bible and the New Age movement, by 'turning the other cheek' and letting crimes go unpunished, and promoting injustice, pacifism, inaction and cowardice, you would be dead in a mater of hours, if not minutes. THIS IS NATURAL LAW!

The Jews fear black magick retaliation. We Gentiles outnumber them. Black magick is used for justice. Christianity, Islam and related are nothing more than programs. There is nothing spiritual about them. Few preachers can even diagram the human soul. The world has been under a powerful spell. It is time every Gentile wakes up to this!

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